I have always been in the food industry and hospitality from managing restaurants in the French Alps of Val d'Isere, to product development for some of the largest retailers in Europe. I love creative cooking and especially understanding the local cuisine, and cooking traditions. 

I fell in love with cycling through Triathlon where I have completed a number of Olympic and Half Ironman distances. Having experienced a number of training camps i know what it's like to be at the back of pack of cyclists, so i made a promise when developing Velo Tours Spain that no-one gets left behind. 

Between Myself and Dave we make the perfect team to develop and grow the Velo Tours Cycling Holiday business. 



Dave is the leader of the pack, an experienced qualified rider. Dave fell into Triathlon when his two daughters started to compete. A sub 3 hour marathon runner and multi Ironman finisher, Dave truely is passionate about the sports he loves.

Dave loves the bike and most of all riding up, making him the perfect guide here in Spain. There are not many Cols that he has not completed, and his experience is invaluable to the business. A relaxed rider and guide he is now well known for his Ice cream stops and a cheaky G&T at the end of his rides.



Albert is the star of the show, and a true entertainer. He will definitely be your best friend.

Albert has just started to take to the bike and he loves running around 'lots', so a potential champion in the making.

Albert is very much part of the business, and he will definitely make an appearance during your stay.